Library - 0292Lots of poetry this month in honor of National Poetry Month. This is a sort of found poem patched together from the Westport police blotter. What always interests me is the story behind the bare bones reports. Quite mysterious to contemplate what’s really happening in this sleepy coastal town.

A Police Blotter Poem

Male complaining female smashed his digital note pad. Male purchased note pad.
Female stated that he purchased it with her credit card. Male produced cash receipt.

Baseball Park. Report of a red Geo Tracker driving on field. Gone on officer’s arrival.
Non-Criminal. Verbal argument between sisters. No criminal activity evident.

Male subject in and out of roadway causing traffic hazard. Officer made contact with known subject. He agreed to remain out of the roadway. No charges filed.

Report of two loud possible gunshots in area. Officer checked area with negative results.
Male and female in verbal argument. Female went for a walk to cool off.

While on patrol, officer heard firework discharge. Checked area with negative results.
Complainant stated named suspect threw rocks at his window to wake him up.

Complainant filled out a Citizen Crime Report stating he had recovered 10 of his stolen crab pots. All pots damaged and stripped. Unknown suspects. Ongoing problem.

Report of single gunshot in area. Officer interviewed two subjects. Both indicated different areas from which they believed sound came. Checked area with negative results.

Report of male in yellow jacket with black hoody stealing a bottle of alcohol.
Male reported at residence harassing homeowner about poorly done yard work.

Motorhomes parked horizontally across spaces. Motorhomes gone on arrival.
Burglary – abandoned house. Not as reported. Officer checked area with negative results.

Hungry Whale. Two males fighting with one bleeding. One left southbound on foot
and the other departed in a purple Honda. Officer checked area with negative results.

Intoxicated female wanted officer to pick her up at the Westport ‘Y’ and transport her to address to pick up her personal belongings. Officer unable to assist with transportation.

Resident stated his dogs were barking. When he looked out window, subjects were scurry around garage. No vehicle description other than loud muffler as subjects took off.

Open shop door. Light on inside. Officer knocked on residence door. No answer.
Officer checked interior from doorway. No signs of anyone inside. Ongoing problem.

Female heard yelling for help. Male stated he and girlfriend disputed over taking dogs
for a walk. He locked her outside. She attempted to use a ladder to enter a window.

Ladder broke and she fell to the ground. No injuries. No criminal activity.
Complaint of a white male wearing a swimsuit sitting on curb yelling “Mom!”

Female stated that she needed to get into a vehicle belonging to a friend. She stated
her keys were missing from her backpack in Washington Crab break room.

Female advised he could not assist her in accessing a vehicle not registered to her.
Male reported urinating in Pine Tree Tavern parking lot. Male gone when officer arrived.

Vehicle parked at Living Hope Church for several hours. Officer contacted female
who stated she often parked there to pray. Ongoing problem over past few days.

Report of a gunshot in the area. Officer checked with negative results.
Bathing suit and bicycle found abandoned in the marina near float 3.

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