The Desktop Gardener

palmsYears ago I had a notion to write a book on office plant care. It was only a runt of an idea and flitted out of my mind as fast as it had appeared. Yet today as I contemplated the anniversary of my retirement from the professional interiorscape industry I revisited the concept – and started jotting down notes toward a self-help booklet I could offer as an e-book.

This would not be a book on “house plants” – there are a zillion of those. No, this booklet would concentrate on the unique requirements of plants in commercial settings – specifically intended for office settings too small to warrant hiring a plant care service but requiring a professional appearance.

I hate to say how many times I’ve been horrified by badly cared for plants in dentist waiting rooms, coffee shops, insurance offices – the list is endless. Dead and dying plants do not inspire confidence. I recently embarrassed a friend when I started pulling dried leaves out of a plant’s pot while I waited to get my car’s oil changed. You just can’t take me anywhere!

I can’t fault the owners of these businesses though. How would they know how to make the best of their plants? There are no guides out there. It isn’t easy to care for tropical plants in the best of circumstances. I worked in the field for 25 years and I still killed plants once in a while.

Anyway, I thought if I wrote up a little booklet with some of the tricks of the trade I’d be doing my bit to beautify America. What do ya say?

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