Huh? Here we go, children, part three of our story about the Evil Empire that is extorting money from helpless seniors. Just when I thought all was resolved re. Mom’s cats’ lifetime license tags I received this email from CARES:

“Sorry it has taken so long for me to get back to you but I am dealing with City Hall whom doesn’t seem to want to be flexible on this issue. In a nut shell; City Hall says that they gave the life time tag holders 2 years to change over to Burien’s Life time tags. King County requires that life times be renewed each year at a reduced rate where Burien’s is a one time purchases for the life of the animal. So the short answer being that I am allowed to honor King County’s life time tags but will not be allow to exchange for Burien’s unless the fee is paid. I am sorry for the red tape.”

So children, what say you? Any use fighting City Hall? Didn’t think so. And what was this about Mom having two years to change over to Burien tags? Don’t recall ever getting any notice of that. Probably because the powers that be didn’t see fit to share that information – no doubt because it is so totally ludicrous to expect anyone to pay twice for “lifetime” licenses. We won’t get justice until Burien seniors have had enough of being pushed around and kick the present city administration to the curb.

In the meantime I’ve no option but to pay for Shimmer and Shadow so that they may remain legal, law abiding cats withing the city limits of Burien the Benevolent.

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