Let me clarify something:


I have never ridden a bicycle, nor have I the slightest interest in bicycle riding. I have listened to the arguments for their use: cheap transportation, good exercise, small carbon footprint etc. Still, I would not plunk down my good money on a bicycle. I’m just not buying into the benefits – at least not for me.

For one thing their use is fraught with danger. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of people are injured or die each year in bicycle accidents. Just last night a car hit two women riding bicycles, nearly killing them. Had they been in a car they probably would not now be recovering from broken bones, bruises, and cuts all over their bodies. Helmet or no helmet if a car runs over you you’re in a world of hurt.

There are also the legalities – or rather the almost complete disregard for the law demonstrated by bicyclists I have observed over the years. It seems that many cyclists don’t feel a pressing need to obey the same rules of the road I must follow while driving my car. They run red lights and stop signs, ride on sidewalks and between cars, ride on the wrong side of the street, ride with no reflectors or lights at night, cut corners and swerve through traffic – in short, they do anything they jolly well think they can get away with.

All that being said, if you decide you want to own and use a bicycle I will defend and respect your right to do so.

However, should you choose to run me down in the crosswalk that’s the point at which we will have an entirely different sort of discussion. Are we clear on that now?

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