A Week After the End of the World

sandgrassI didn’t make any plans for this week. There wasn’t supposed to be a need. The asteroids were suppose to wipe out existence, the aliens would be invading any minute, the earth’s axis was due for a flip-flop – so I sent no holiday cards, bought no plastic-packaged made-in-China gifts for friends and family. The only 2013 calendar on my desk is a freebie sent to me by the Glendale Heating Oil Company. I’ve come to the conclusion I kind of like the idea of the “End of Days”. It’s so freeing. The Future is a crazy fantasy that clutters up the present and is no longer something in which I wish to participate.

Looking back over this dwindling year I realized that no matter how well I planned my hour-day-month, everything pretty much went to pieces and I was left standing in a debris field of shattered expectations. So why should I keep setting myself up over and over for disappointment, right? If I have no expectations I can’t exactly complain when they don’t materialize.

According to the Mayans we are embarking on a new era, the next turn of the cosmic wheel. For me it’s going to be about relinquishing the need to control every aspect of my life. It’s about realizing that I have never ultimately been in the driver’s seat anyway. At best all I can expect is the unexpected. Making peace with that is the only immediate plan I have. At this time.

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