What the bleep happened to August?

Waking from a blue moon I reflect upon the emptiness that was August. Since I keep a detailed journal it’s easy for me to recap key events for the edification of all:
Aug 1 – No garbage pick up again this week.
Aug 3 – “Make up” garbage pickup out front. Strike over.
Aug 5 – 93 degrees. Cats have escaped to the cool underbellies of shrubs.
Aug 6 – Oops, missed the Mars landing. Past my bedtime. Pulled the heat exhausted pea plants.
Aug 7 – Voted. Paid bills. Gave up on The Hangman’s Daughter.
Aug 8 – Woke from a dream of Paul’s ex in a book of magic pop-ups.
Aug 10 – Still no rain in sight. I run the sprinkler and write non-stop.
Aug 11 – My sister and her husband are off on a cruise of the to Greece and Turkey. I am nothing but a household appliance.
Aug 13 – Met a room full of Jane Austen fans on Mercer Island and won a delightful door-prize basket filled with Austen-alia.
Aug 14 – See that Elizabeth George has written a YA book with almost the exact plot of my own. Rats.
Aug 15 – Another sleepless night in Burien.
Aug 16 – Paul has been sleeping for days – imagining lymphomas and brain tumors and alien abductions.
Aug 17 – Excited I’ll get out to buy groceries today. Really need to get a life.
Aug 19 – A day at Emerald Downs to watch the horses go ’round and ’round. Win some, lose more. Bought a hat with the wrong year on. Launched High Tide and Low Expectations on kindle.
Aug 21 – No sleep again last night. Took Shimmer to the vet for the runs.
Aug 22 – Contemplating a prolog for Washed up on Barnacle Beach. Struggled to pill the cat.
Aug 25 – Two loads of laundry, dishes washed, steak fried, garden watered. Finally have a ripe tomato!
Aug 28 – Roasted beets. The sprinkler beats a pulse across the dusty garden. Pickled beets.
Aug 30 – No nap today. Weeded veggie bed under relentless heat. Ties the record for driest August.
Aug 31 – Not a drop of rain all month – breaks the all-time record for dry August. How do you celebrate that? With a blue moon! Last one before 2015. I won’t wait up.
September 1 – Paul finished his 3D graphic project for Skyrim last night under the blue moon. Is poised for fame and fortune. I hit 35K on my rewrite of the 1st half of Washed Up. Planted spring broccoli and spinach chard. Life goes on.

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