Ghost Story Month

October is a month made for reading ghost stories! (hint, hint – Red House Blues is a ghost story. Read it and review it PLEASE! Thanks a bunch.: Red House Blues)

My cozy mystery set in Westport, High Tide and Low Expectations, is on its final revision. Have to have it off and away by the end of the month because (wait for it) next month is National Novel Writing Month – AGAIN! And I’m so far from having a plot for this one that I’m already panicking.

(photo: Inn of the West Wind looking toward the Maritime Museum at Westport – key scene in High Tide and Low Expectations. Hint: the widow’s walk plays a role in the murder.)

Want to do something completely different with the new NaNoNovel. Considering writing a fantasy set in the years 1963 to 1967 – Kennedy to war protests but with a twist (not sure what that is yet – time travel? It’s been done but it’s fun.). This Spring I transcribed a packet of letters I wrote during those years – surprised they were so content-thin and self-involved considering how momentous the period in our history. Ironically that was the only decade I didn’t keep a journal. So since I have little to check my memory against I can give free rein to the imagination . . . I’m welcoming all ideas. What do you think?

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