Dead in the Water

Stalled out on the rewrite of “High Tide and Low Expectations” until I had a sudden inspiration! Came up with the perfect way to kick a case of writer’s block. I’m calling it the S. O. S method (which stands for Sallie’s One Star method). See, what you do is search for your favorite author’s most highly rated book – then read every one star review of that book – ONLY the one star reviews. Knowing that even the finest writer out there gets buckets of crappy reviews removes all the pressure to reach for an imagined state of excellence. The poet William Stafford once told me that when you get stuck on a poem the best way to move things ahead is to lower your standards. That was perhaps the wisest advice I’ve ever received. By letting yourself off the hook you open up a world of endless possibilities you otherwise would have rejected out of hand. Give it a try.

And yes, “High Tide and Low Expectations” is chugging along again at a healthy clip. Should have it finished by the end of this month.

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