Red House Blues

I’ve finished the fifth rewrite of my novel, Red House Blues! Now the fun part – having a cover designed, getting the proofreading and editing sorted out, getting it published – etc, etc. I will be publishing through Creatspace probably by the end of summer.

Many of you know that I’ve been participating in National Novel Writing Month for the past five years. I figured it was about bloody time I got one of those stories out into the world! This particular novel was sparked by a conjunction of deadly incidents surrounding one particularly nasty old house in the Central District of downtown Seattle. (No, that’s not the house in the picture but that structure is only blocks from the house in question. The meeting hall pictured has its own fascinating history – it was one of the first places Jimmy Hendrix played. It’s reputed to be haunted, by the way.)

It’s a supernatural/mystery/thriller combo plate of a book that I have had huge fun writing. The story centers on Suzan Pike, a young widow who goes in search of her murdered husband’s lost notebooks and in the process stirs up a mindless and voracious evil. As soon as it’s up on I’ll let everyone know!

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