(Photo: sugar peas in bloom at Summer Solstice)

After nearly a year of “retirement” I’m wondering what ever happened to the silly notion that without a paying gig I’d have so much more time to write. Took a gander at my “Done” list. (That’s the list of completed items from my “To-Do” list. I also have a “Maybe Someday” list and a “Not Hardly Likely” list. I’m big on lists.) In the past 12 months I have:

Re-covered the geodesic dome
Re-barked the garden (7 yards of medium bark)
Redecorated my office and the bathroom
Replaced all the bedroom ceiling fixtures
Re-stained the back deck
Polished the fireplace insert
Painted: deck chairs, umbrella stand, one wall each in kitchen and hall, two bookshelves and a file cabinet.
Repaired my bedroom window screen
Cleaned and organized the garage
Hauled 4 carloads of “usable items” to Value Village thrift store
Spread 10 bags of compost on the back garden
Set up a disaster survival storehouse in the garage (see previous post)
Renovated the front courtyard fountain . . .

That’s not the full list but you get the idea. And somehow while up to my tushy in household projects AND full-time elder care for my mom AND teaching Friday morning writers workshop I succeeded in squeezing an hour of yoga into each day. What I haven’t managed to do is fit in all that writing I envisioned I’d be free to do once I left the 40-hour-a-week grind. Really MUST put that on the To-Do List.

But right now I’m in the process of stripping 40 years of ugly paint from the kitchen cabinets. (Whoever painted the kitchen algae green in the 60s must have been on acid!) Figure it will take me another week before I get it repainted. Going to put up new moldings and shiny new hardware. Kevin, my next door neighbor, has promised to help me install a new stainless steel sink and faucet. It’s going to be gorgeous!

In honor of Father’s Day I bought myself a cool DeWalt orbital sander – 45% off! Just the thing to help with my next project: refinishing the hardwood floors.

As soon as I free up my calendar I’ll get back to that novel I was working on last November. Promise. Of course it won’t be right away because tomorrow I have CPR training and then there’s yoga instructor training and after that . . . . . Some retirement this turned out to be!

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