Community Center Open House

(Photo: Darlene Burrill manning the Writers Workshop table.)

My Senior Writers Workshop is in new digs this Spring. We have moved from the creaky old Burien Community Center (which was an elementary school in a previous incarnation) into the renovated former library building around the block. We’re adjusting quite well. It’s a super facility with high ceilings, fresh paint, shiny wood floors and that new-Community-Center-smell. Plus our workshop has doubled in size! Many new writers contributing their genius to our ranks. I think there’s something about being in a new place that energizes the brain cells.

(Photo: Open House Crowd)

Yesterday the Community Center hosted a blow-out open house. Even the sun decided to show up for the occasion! An auspicious sign. Our Writers Workshop displayed writing projects from years past and schmoozed with the populous. I was pleasantly surprised with the turnout, considering how lovely the weather was! Would have thought the siren call of garden and beach too much for most people to resist, envisioned talking up my workshop to an empty room – but the place was packed wall to wall with excited Burienites.

Mom and I moved out of our comfort zones yesterday to help yoga instructor, Janet Crawley, demonstrate some low-impact yoga poses to the throng. The two of us up on the stage doing up-dog! Who would have thunk it??!! We managed not to fall off the stage and even had fun with the experience.

(Photo: Our yoga instructor, Janet with her YogaFit table.)

I believe in the inherent evil of comfort zones. A belief I came to rather late in life, I might add. My dearest friend hasn’t budged from 1985. Change terrifies her – I’m safe in writing this because she won’t read it – she doesn’t use the internet. (Not that she has no computer – she bought a “cute” Apple laptop in 2004 yet hasn’t gotten beyond charging it and turning it on. She deserves a whole post all to herself! Maybe a whole book.)Chaos unnerves her to the point of paralysis. Which creates problems where our friendship is concerned – things can get pretty crazy around my place when I’m in the process of yet again “reinventing” myself. She doesn’t know what to make of my recent passion for yoga; can’t understand why I repainted my office and reorganized the garage; was horrified when I bought a new car last year and donated my old one to the Volunteers of America – in fact pretty much everything new I decide to do presents challenges for her, the poor darling. Wonder what she’ll make of me and my 95 year-old mom demonstrating yoga poses to all of Burien? Can’t wait to tell her about it!

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