Saturday, 17 April 2010
A clean slate – I have a new computer (another Apple of course) that has as yet no name, purchased because this week Pippin went into cardiac arrest and became a rectangular door stop. We sniff around each other like two cocker spaniels meeting on a path. I discover we do not share a common language. Everything I wrote on my previous computer is in a form incomprehensible to the newbie. I am left no choice but to have the old-timer repaired so that I can convert all my documents to text format, a form familiar to the probie. On Monday I’ll pack Pippin down to Re-PC for repair. Dang. More money swans away into oblivion. But I’ll have a spare on hand in case of yet another disaster.

Last night I had a visitation from my least favorite dream – the one in which I am at work and discover my route has changed. I don’t recognize any of the accounts, don’t know where they are or what I’m supposed to do once I find them. I’m in an elevator with no clue which floor the account is on – or I’m driving around in an unfamiliar neighborhood in the dark, knowing I’ll get fired if I don’t finish my route but having no idea how I’m supposed to do that when I’m so totally lost! I wake up frustrated and bone tired. Not at all ready to learn the mysterious ways of a brand new computer.

I have managed to transfer all my photographs from thumb drive to iPhoto. It is a start. You have never truly moved into a new home until you hang the artwork on the freshly painted walls. So something has gone right. Progress is being made. However I miss my old word processor which has been left behind in the technological dust along with IBM Selectric typewriters and punch card programing. Apple no longer offers AppleWorks. A mixed blessing – on the one hand I knew how to use the thing but on the other hand nothing I wrote with it could be read by a Windows machine (which pretty much left me talking to myself).

I have (obviously) managed to get the probie on line and am now beginning to re-bookmark all my crucial sites (bank, email, brokerage, blog). Had no idea I was so dependent until I couldn’t access any of my stuff! Been going through computer withdrawal all week but now I’m set FREE!!!

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