Rice Logic

The slimming process is well under way (see previous posts for background on my anti-obesity project) – three weeks into it and I’ve shed five pounds of chubbiness. The blood pressure is easing off and though I haven’t located my six-pack abs yet my yoga practice is pumpin’!

In order to make it easier to add lots of lovely fibrous grains (gluten-free of course) to my diet I’ve just acquired a cute little state-of-the-art rice cooker. It’s a Zojirushi “fuzzy logic” machine. I’ve run three batches of brown rice through it so far and though I have no clue what fuzzy logic means, Twinkle makes some totally awesome rice!(I have named her Twinkle because she plays “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” when she begins the cooking cycle.)

I’ve also bought a rice cooker cookbook and am excited to try all kinds of super yummy recipes. When I tell people I can’t eat wheat, oats (except gluten-free oats), rye or barley they inevitably ask “What’s left?? A natural question when you realize how wheat-heavy our American diet is. Like high fructose corn syrup it seems to be in absolutely everything on the grocery shelves. That’s one heck of a lot of subsidized, fattening grain! Still, when you swear off of it you realize how rich the possibilities are. Most of the world’s cuisines are basically gluten-free, based as they are on rice, corn and potatoes – which makes those three foods pretty important to quality of life for people with celiac disease. Thus the fabulous rice cooker that now has pride of place on my kitchen counter. Will keep you posted on how Twinkle and I are getting along as we get acquainted.

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